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Spring Has Sprung!

The Beautiful (yet brief) South Carolina Spring is upon us. Make your way to Vic's for a casual lunch on the patio or a romantic dinner. Let us be the fresh air you've been in need of.

This weeks wine special is here for a limited time and is the perfect accompaniment for light fare and refreshing meals day or night! For lunch I suggest a 6oz glass of Brigaldara and an Anne Salad with Salmon. For Dinner I highly recommend a 9oz glass and our Roasted Veggie Linguini with shrimp. You simply can't go wrong with either of those dishes. There is no better time than now to enjoy yourself and really unwind.

The last two years have shown us the value of a good time. We reschedule and over-book ourselves regularly. Pencil in some personal time for a little enjoyment!

Did you know that when you smile your brain releases endorphins to help fight off stress?

Let Victors be your daily dose of dopamine, we want to make you smile!

Ps. Don't forget to make your Easter Sunday Buffet Reservation, As soon as I know what to expect I will post the menu!

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